Jumu'ah Gems

Jumu'ah (The arabic word for Friday) is the most blessed day of the week.This blog will consist of weekly spiritual reminders to help keep all of us on track. "So remind, if the reminder should benefit." ~Surah A'la, ayah 9. I hope this blog is beneficial and serves its purpose Insha' Allah. Please feel free to ask questions!

10/7/2011- Time Management/ Priorities

Consistency and time management allow one to excel and increase in strength. It is after this structure is established in one’s life that one can beautify their relationship with Allah. “When the angels take away the souls of those who have wronged themselves, they will ask, “How did you live?” They will reply, “We lived on earth in weakness and oppression.” The angels will say, “Was not God’s land vast enough for you to go wherever you could to live in peace?” Surah Nisa, verse 97. Jumu’ah Mubarak 

  • 9 October 2011
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